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Some homeowners think installing a home automation system is a luxury and enjoying a smart home is exorbitantly expensive. You should know that home automation systems are scalable. As a first step, you can install only the features that meet your needs and your budget. The multitude of possibilities in the field of home automation involves several types of skills for the building automation specialist. For this reason, the company Jeanfavre & Fils SA gets involved with its private and professional clients from the start of the design of a project to frame its technical feasibility.

What is home automation ?

Home automation brings together knowledge and techniques from IT, telecommunications and automation to apply them in building management. This convergence of techniques designs a system allowing remote management or programming of actions in a habitat. For example, you can program the watering of your lawn in your absence, open and close your blinds at the press of a button or even program the operation of the heating remotely. A home automation installation has the advantage of setting up sequences of automated actions or scenarios. For example, you leave your home to work and, at the touch of a button, you initiate an “absence” sequence to: close the shutters, turn off the lights and switch off the previously selected electrical appliances and thus lower the temperature of the rooms.

Why integrate home automation into your home or building in Switzerland?

In these first lines, the examples of home automation functions already demonstrate that the main advantage of such an installation is comfort for the users. Thanks to technological advances, a home automation system combines security functions such as motion or smoke detectors, video surveillance, and deterrent measures against break-ins (for example simulating the occupation of a house, triggering the alarm).

Another positive point for the integration of home automation lies in the possibilities of precisely managing your energy consumption. In fact, you define the conditions for switching on and off the light or heating, specifying the rooms in the house concerned by the functions, as well as the operating hours.

In larger buildings in the tertiary sector, home automation systems are becoming a standard. The energy savings generated by optimum management of temperatures and regulation of lighting according to absence / presence or the contribution of natural light, are significant. Home automation then becomes an essential tool to meet Minergie standards and can even be the subject of subsidies as part of a renovation.

If you have decided to use home automation, the Jeanfavre team is at your disposal. Explain your needs and ideas to us, and we will take care of their technical implementation.


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