Electrical wiring

Our experience makes the difference

Over the years of experience, our company Jeanfavre has enriched its technical and organizational skills around the theme of electricity. We carry out the technical studies of the electrical installations with budget estimates, we engage in the coordination and the technical realization of the electrical wiring works, without forgetting the organization of the tests and the commissioning of the installations carried out.
Our electrical installations department is involved both during the construction of a new building and during renovation or extension work.

In electrical installation work, Jeanfavre favors the modularity of systems, as well as their durability, by opting for quality materials and equipment, with the aim of providing its customers with a safe and durable installation. We offer personalized services because they are adapted to your building, while respecting the standards in force. Whether it is for high current or security installations, the Jeanfavre team is able to respond to all types of requests concerning electricity.

In terms of private electrical installations, Jeanfavre offers high current cabling services, multimedia cabling and TV installations. Pioneers in home automation solutions, we set up user-friendly solutions coupled with security systems. Examples include intercoms and video door entry units, intrusion alarm or video surveillance systems.

Today, all these techniques are interconnected for better management of this energy source that is electricity. By opting for our services, you ensure a functional, reliable and durable electrical installation.
Apart from installations in homes, we should particularly mention our experience for industrial customers. Our know-how in electrical installations helps to support industrial production processes, for example in installations in a controlled atmosphere, industrial kitchens, agricultural areas or even public atomic shelters. Our clientele also includes medical practices, laboratories and industries operating in work areas classified as explosive. Of course, we strictly apply Swiss and European regulations in this area and we constantly keep abreast of updates to these standards.

At your service if you need the services of an electrician, we move quickly in the Lausanne region from our headquarters in Mont-sur-Lausanne.

If you need more information before entrusting us with your electrical wiring project, we invite you to consult the "References" pages of our website, which only group together some of our achievements. In any case, we are always reachable during office hours, and would be happy to discuss your project.



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