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Nowadays, new technologies are changing every economic sector by providing new solutions and new ways of working. IT is integrated into almost all aspects of a building: lighting, telephony, locking doors and windows, the security system (wall outlets, fire detection, alarms)… Of course, these developments technologies have necessitated the setting up of computer networks. With the trend underway, the Jeanfavre company has been implementing high-performance computer cabling solutions for many years.
Over the years, our company has integrated computer skills since the exercise of the profession of electrician could no longer be dissociated from new technologies. In addition to electricians, our team now includes telematicians who install and maintain structured or universal cabling systems.

As each client has specific needs in this area, we opt for customization of services while observing industrial standards for electrical and IT installations. We work on newly constructed buildings, but also on already existing structures that are the subject of renovation or redevelopment.

Our company Jeanfavre offers services ranging from the theoretical aspect such as studies and budget estimates, to practical achievements. The first category of services makes it possible to determine and plan the work required for the client's project, as well as the resources to be allocated to it. The last category includes in particular the structured and multimedia cabling of a building, as well as the installation of WIFI equipment. With universal cabling, performance and security are guaranteed, at a level unmatched by wireless technologies currently on the market. Moreover, this type of cabling corresponds better to the needs of buildings for professional use which use multiple IT services, in particular the federation of data and voice.

In order to guarantee the quality of our services, we collaborate with recognized partners in the IT and electrical industry and are equipped with measurement and control tools such as the FLUKE DSP 4300 certification device. We benefit from Freenet certifications from our partner Reichle & De-Massari, and are recognized as Swisscom Partner. When carrying out universal cabling, our employees systematically carry out verification tests after each installation or modification of an IT network infrastructure.

To give you a more concrete idea of the skills of our company in the field of computer cabling, we invite you to consult our "References" pages relating to the projects carried out in the buildings of our customers, of the Federal Administration and in the industrial sector. . If you still have any questions, we would be happy to arrange a meeting with you at our premises in Lausanne to discuss your project in detail.

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