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Our company Jeanfavre has specialized in electrical installations for several years, and is one of the companies authorized to carry out inspections of ITTO electrical installations on Swiss territory. Based in Mont-sur-Lausanne, we carry out this activity in the Lausanne region with the aim of certifying the installations we carry out, i.e. final control. Very active with the owners and managers of buildings, we bring the electrical installations into conformity following the inspection, if any faults have been detected.

Electricity control required by ITTO

At the beginning of 2002, the Ordinance on Low Voltage Installations or ITTO came into force in Switzerland. This ordinance assigns building owners responsibility for the compliance of their electrical installations with the legislation in force in the Confederation. Through these checks, the owner justifies the conformity of his electrical installations. The costs of controls, and possibly compliance work, are the responsibility of the owner. Contact us for a quote or an offer for these services.

Also according to this ordinance, the time between the request for control and the submission of the safety report is limited to 6 months. Indeed, the first check essentially indicates the detected faults which are transcribed in an inspection report. Then, the owner asks his electrical installer to rectify the faults. At the end of the work, the control body carries out the checks and draws up the safety report. A second check, called an acceptance check, may be required for some buildings.

Frequency of electrical installation checks

For premises for commercial or public use, checks are carried out over a period of 10 years, 5 years or even annually. This concerns the following buildings: industrial buildings, explosive zones, public buildings, shops, theaters, restaurants, campsites, medical activities, offices and farms. The second category of buildings is subject to inspection every 20 years. These are residential buildings and villas, warehouses and storage buildings. These periodic checks result in the establishment of a safety report, a copy of which is given to the electricity distributor.

When carrying out a new installation or when converting electrical installations, the electrical installer must draw up a final check and a safety report. This compulsory electrical inspection concerns the two categories of buildings mentioned above. On the other hand, for buildings with a frequency of less than 20 years, a second inspection is required. This is called reception control. The latter must be carried out by an independent control body at the end of the work.

In addition, an ITTO control may be required in the event of a change of owner. It is mandatory if no control has been carried out in the 5 years preceding this change. Federal law requires the new owner to have this control carried out.

As a general rule, the electricity distribution companies will inform you by mail of the deadlines for carrying out the checks. When you receive this letter, we are at your disposal, either for control or for compliance.

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