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A problem with electricity in your building? Quickly call an electrician to help you get back to the normal course of your life and activities. Our company Jeanfavre has been operating since 1976 in electrical repair in Lausanne and its surroundings, where we can intervene quickly thanks to the geographical proximity of our head office. Active as much with individuals as with building managers, our technicians will be able to troubleshoot both your electrical and telephone installations. With more than 35 years of activity, the Jeanfavre company has established a reputation based on professionalism and innovation, recognized by Swiss companies and organizations.

Electricity has become the dominant source of household energy that makes everyday life easier for the citizens of our time. It brings light and heating in a home, it is used for all household appliances such as the refrigerator, microwave oven, washing machine ... Although domesticated, electricity is nonetheless capricious, sometimes even dangerous. So what a problem when a short circuit or any other failure occurs in an electrical installation! Beyond the inconvenience in carrying out daily actions, a power failure can cause financial damage to businesses, and fatal risks to patients in healthcare buildings where almost all medical devices run on electricity. electric.

In the event that electrical troubleshooting involves a new installation or you wish to set up regular maintenance of your electrical system, our company Jeanfavre remains able to satisfy your request. We have the skills and the necessary equipment, and generously offer our advice on the possible optimizations of your electrical system, both functionally and economically. By using the services of our company Jeanfavre, you do not simply call on an electrician, you are addressing a set of complementary skills covering the electrical, energy and IT aspects of your home or building.

In addition, our services are not intended only for individuals. Our company, which brings together more than 60 employees, also acts on behalf of large-scale organizations such as schools, hospitals, industrial companies or even municipal, cantonal and federal administrative entities.

Given the dangers associated with faulty electrical installations, repairs must only be carried out by an approved professional and with an authorization to install in Switzerland. Jeanfavre employees have acquired safety reflexes and are equipped with protections to operate a
electrical repair in the rules of the art. Our electricians come to your home with the diagnostic tools and measuring devices required. For any case of power failure, please contact our office at the following number during working hours: 021 652 43 43. If it is an electrical installation failure outside office hours, you can also contact your energy distributor directly.

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