FTTH Fiber optic connection

Our experts carry out all types of fiber optic connection and cabling in your buildings

We all seek a smooth, high-speed Internet connection that allows us to quickly and easily exchange documents, photos and videos with friends and colleagues. We would like to make affordable phone calls and video calls.

Among all the technologies giving access to the Internet, optical fiber, either FTTH or Fiber To The Home, is the best option on the market. Indeed, optical fiber offers the fastest and most reliable connection. We are happy to inform you that the Jeanfavre company located on the outskirts of Lausanne is equipped to make the optical fiber connection (fusion) whether at your home or within your company. Equipped with high-performance fusion and measurement equipment, we have offered these services to many residents and businesses since the advent of this new telecommunications medium.

FTTH, what is the difference with other connection options?

There are many technologies giving access to the Internet: VDSL, XDSL, FTTC, FTTB, FTTH, etc. The list of these telecom acronyms is long, without being explicit in their function. At Jeanfavre, we advise clients to focus primarily on their needs.

However, we would like to tell you about the specifics of FTTH. Today, it is the benchmark for very high speed connections up to 2 Gbits / s. It is 100 times faster than old ADSL connections. Your Internet access will be more fluid and you will have access to all the new services offered via the Internet, such as video on demand (VOD).

Technically, fiber optic cable gives you an ultra-fast connection thanks to its glass core (or soul). In the latter, digital data transmissions take place at the speed of light; which explains the speed of the connections on this medium and its insensitivity to the electromagnetic disturbances which surround us.

Jeanfavre and the FTTH fiber optic installation

Aware of the advantages brought by the use of FTTH, our company Jeanfavre provides the population of Lausanne with the connection services of this optical fiber. Whether it is horizontal or vertical fiber drawing, our team can ensure the quality of the work from start to finish. Horizontal fiberization consists of connecting the optical fiber of the technical access point of the operator called “NRO” or “Optical Connection Node” to the pooling point. Then the connection from the latter to the entry boxes of your building also falls to us as a fiber optic installer. As for the vertical fiber drawing, it corresponds to the connection of the optical fiber from the building entrance box to the subscriber's home.

Everything becomes possible with FTTH

By having FTTH at home, you can do all kinds of activities like playing online video games with your friends. 3D televisions and HDTVs will be highly valued. With the very high speed connection, you can have access to IP telephony, get started with teleworking, make videoconferences ...

FTTH really makes your life easier. Do not hesitate to call on the services of Jeanfavre for the installation of your optical fiber or for other related tasks. Endowed with a proven professionalism, our team will install your very high speed connection in no time.



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