Alarm management software

Implementation of supervision tools and alarm management

Nowadays, the management of technical alarms is no longer confined to the skills of an electrician. Thanks to technological innovations, alarm systems are fully computerized and are sometimes even combined with a home automation system. With this in mind, the Jeanfavre company has succeeded in building a team with multiple skills in order to meet the new technological requirements of customers and maintains close collaboration with manufacturers of alarm management devices and systems.

The rationalization and centralization of technical alarms on a user-friendly interface is in our eyes the goal to be achieved. Mobilizing the right people at the right time is also essential to offer the operator an efficient system without being intrusive.
Indeed, the combination of automation and new web technologies make the systems compatible with mobile devices such as tablets and other smartphones. This requires specific technical skills, from identification at the customer's premises to the configuration of a supervision and on-call station, including careful cabling and the implementation of high-performance telematics solutions.

Aware of the importance of reliable alarm transmission, our company offers the study of your needs, the design or modifications of an alarm generator system. In addition, our team has the practical skills to carry out the cabling, the development of interfaces with existing and future equipment, as well as the programming of supervision and alarm processing stations.

You will have a concrete idea of our skills by consulting our "References" pages which present the projects already carried out by Jeanfavre, in particular large-scale projects. You will note that the management of technical alarms also applies outside buildings, for example the motorway tunnels of Glion, Pomy and Arrissoules.



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