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Keep an eye on your HVAC installations with our supervision tools

Discover the various HVAC "Heating - Ventilation - Air-conditioning" or HVAC "Heating - Ventilation - Air-Conditioning" management tools from Jeanfavre, allowing you to have permanent comfort in all seasons. Our company offers efficient solutions and systems to better manage your building's heating, air conditioning and ventilation. Changes in the performance of construction materials (glazing, insulation, etc.) in current buildings do not solve everything. Technical installations studied as best as possible and above all regulation equipment, called efficient MCR (or Measurement - Control - Regulation) systems are essential complements.

Jeanfavre & Fils SA in the MCR regulation of Heating - Ventilation - Air conditioning?

Indeed, we work in the building automation sector. This means that we put in place efficient industrial systems to regulate the three main factors that influence the comfort of your premises: temperature, ventilation and air conditioning. In other words, the automatic regulation of all the physical data of your installations. Whether you are an individual or a company, Jeanfavre has what you need in this area.

The Jeanfavre team has solid skills in the analysis and use of MCR management systems. It ensures the quality of its work through the training provided to its staff and the experience acquired over more than 18 years in this field. To best meet customer needs, we use recognized, highly efficient, reliable products based on industrial standards.

Our solutions in relation to the MCR management system

Jeanfavre offers many products to perform this regulation, mainly Wago and Saia type programmable controllers. In the field of building automation, the controller or regulator is at the heart of the installation. It is used to process information from sensors to drive actuators. In this case, this information comes from sensors measuring temperatures, air humidity levels and CO2 and pressure levels inside buildings. On this basis, the controllers control actuators such as valves or flaps and engage the necessary ventilation motors or pumps. Saia and WAGO regulators are already known worldwide in the world of industrial automation. Implemented for the command control of Heating - Ventilation - Air conditioning equipment, they ensure optimum adjustment, in accordance with standards and above all long-lasting. In recent years, the Saia and Wago brands have established themselves in Switzerland in terms of PLCs, regulators and HMI or Human Machine Interface. You can therefore trust the solutions we use for the comfort of your buildings.

Independence and openness of the proposed solutions

The main advantage of the proposed systems appears over the lifetime of an installation. The systems we put in place are said to be “open”, and therefore implemented by many integrators in French-speaking Switzerland. In addition, they offer numerous possibilities for communications to third-party equipment. The owner does not therefore find himself hand and foot tied to a company to keep his building alive and evolving.


The programmable logic controllers used are particularly suitable for the renovation of old control installations. Compatible with most of the peripheral equipment installed, the PLCs offer a flexible and user-friendly solution for the modernization of existing installations. After a detailed analysis of the HVAC installations under management, our technicians replace the regulators in the electrical panels, carry out a complete test and optimize the installation at functional and above all energy levels.

Maintenance and repair service

The ventilation and heating installations require annual monitoring. It is even an obligation for smoke extraction equipment. To respond to this, our company has set up a 24-hour maintenance and on-call service with a rapid response time. This service meets the requirements of our customers with low fault tolerance installations such as air conditioning in computer rooms. This service, active for over 15 years, is greatly appreciated by operators and managers of buildings under maintenance contracts.
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