Security system installation

Protect your home or business from intrusions

Today we are all aware of the problems related to the safety of our loved ones and our property. Burglaries, depredations and malicious acts are all around us and it becomes legitimate to protect oneself effectively against these proven risks.

To meet this demand, we carry out complete security installations. Our company Jeanfavre intervenes to advise customers and determine the techniques (anti-burglary system, access control, video surveillance, presence simulation, fire detection, emergency lighting) to be put in place to secure a property or a site.

Wiring of security installations

Your property is not yet equipped?

It is important to pay particular attention to the wiring of the security installations, which may be significant depending on the system chosen. Wireless solutions exist to connect sensors to a central unit, but for a long-lasting and maintenance-free installation, a wired solution remains the best alternative. The know-how of the electrician installer is essential here to achieve an integrated, discreet and easy-to-use installation in your home.

Security installations

There are many facilities for monitoring your buildings. Each case must be analyzed according to the needs of the operator, the numerous standards in force and the objects to be secured in order to find the best technical solution to implement. Independent of a specific supplier, we offer our customers security installations in the following areas:

  • Anti-intrusion or burglary
  • Access control
  • Fire detection
  • Emergency lighting
  • Video surveillance

Whether for housing or securing an administrative complex, our technicians and engineers will be able to offer you the system adapted to your needs and will take care of coordinating the various stakeholders in the implementation phase.

Open to new technologies, we offer innovative solutions, for example based on fingerprint readers (biometric) for access control or high-performance video over IP solutions that are easy to deploy.

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