Energy measurement and monitoring

To save energy, it is necessary to identify the sources of consumption

Energy saving: The theme is topical. Indeed, to achieve the objectives of the 2050 energy strategy set by the Federal Council, various measures must be implemented with the aim of improving the energy efficiency of our buildings. Active in the fields of building automation, we are particularly aware of these approaches and at the heart of their implementation.
Our engineers who develop and commission energy-consuming installations for heating, cooling or ventilation pay particular attention to their consumption. Other installation such as artificial lighting consumes energy in buildings and special attention should be paid to the management installations which control all this equipment. Our experience of over 18 years in the installation and programming of building automation allows us to offer rational and economical solutions without compromising user comfort.

Energy consumption measurement

The first step in achieving energy savings is to set up consumption measurement solutions. If they are almost systematic in new constructions, they are often more difficult to implement in existing installations. Active from the electrical wiring of meters to the implementation of a supervision and monitoring tool, we can support you in the deployment of an energy measurement solution.

Energy analysis and monitoring

Once the measurement tools are installed, the consumption must be analyzed by a specialist and actions can be proposed in order to optimize your installations. Some savings are simple to implement and the return on investment can be very attractive. To check this, it is therefore always advisable to carry out regular energy monitoring of your installations. To help you in this task, we offer remote survey tools that can be deployed both on an industrial site and in a heterogeneous building stock.

Grant for building automation renovation

Do you own a gas or oil-heated building? So you should know that you can take advantage of a subsidy program for the renovation of the automation of your building (s). Funded by the Klick Foundation for Climate Protection and CO2 Offsetting, this program supports measures aimed at renovating building automation or building automation systems. Thus, the cost of replacing your old control equipment can be subsidized up to around 10%. This is particularly interesting knowing that this renovation improves ambient comfort and allows a reduction of 10% to 50% in your energy costs and your CO₂ emissions. This program will only be active until the end of 2017 so don't wait any longer to contact us! As an approved project advisor for this program, we are able to apply for a grant for you.



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