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When should we undertake work to bring the electrical installation into conformity? Federal legislation sets deadlines for checking the condition of any electrical installation in all buildings erected on Confederation territory. This check results in a safety report if the installation meets Swiss standards. Otherwise, the inspector must draw up an inspection report detailing any faults detected in the inspected installation. The necessary adjustments must then be made: this is the electrical compliance procedure. Once the adjustment work has been completed, the electrical installer with an installation authorization guarantees that the installation has been properly brought up to standard by signing the notice of removal of faults.
Note that it is up to the owner to appoint an approved inspector to carry out the check, as well as to hire the electrician who will make the adjustments. In other words, he must bear the costs. The legislation specifies that the two services must be performed by different entities to guarantee the transparency of the procedure. It is also the owner's responsibility to deliver a copy of the safety report to his electrical distributor, and this within 6 months after the request for control.

The control and compliance procedure generally aims to guarantee the safety of building occupants. In the context of commercial and industrial activities, it allows on the one hand to have a reliable installation for the activities of the company, on the other to optimize the network for a better consumption / cost ratio especially concerning this energy. . Only the control periods differ between a private dwelling and a building for commercial or industrial use. In the first case, the control is carried out every 20 years, except if development work has been undertaken and has led to modifications in the installation, or if there has been a change of owner after a period of 5 years. without control.

If you wish to obtain more details concerning the controls of the electrical installations as well as the measures of compliance, do not hesitate to contact our experts. You can also consult the official ITTO documents or the Ordinance on Low Voltage Installations online on the website of the Federal Administration, with the list of approved inspectors. Being active in the electricity sector since 1976, particularly in Lausanne and its surroundings, the Jeanfavre company also has an authorization to carry out checks. In fact, our fields of intervention in electricity include a multitude of services that we invite you to discover throughout our web pages.

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