Photovoltaic panel installer

Producing electricity with photovoltaic panels is ecological and profitable!

In Lausanne as everywhere else in Switzerland, the climate allows optimal use of photovoltaic panels. Even in cloudy skies, the solar radiation reaching the modules of the panels is sufficient to generate electricity. How does it actually work? The radiations are captured by the modules of the panels which will transform them into direct current. Before being consumed, the latter passes through an inverter and becomes an alternating current which it is then possible to use directly or to inject into the network.

In carrying out our activities as an energy specialist, our company Jeanfavre recognizes the invaluable values of our environment, and therefore of the rational and reasoned consumption of energy. This sensitivity to the environmental aspect is manifested by the company's adherence to Minergie concepts. These concepts generally aim to reduce the energy consumption of a building, either by an optimal and rational use of energy resources, or by integrating renewable energy sources.

How do we intervene for the realization of photovoltaic installations? We mainly work with customers who have trusted us for the realization of their electrical installations. In this case, we offer, in partnership with a supplier of panels, the turnkey realization of your photovoltaic installation. We take care of the administrative procedures with your supplier to help you establish the request for compensation (RU, Single Retribution or RPC, Retribution at Cost) which makes it possible to finance the purchase or operation of your installation.

We also work in partnership with companies that install photovoltaic panels to carry out the technical part related to wiring, electricity metering and connection to the distributor's network.

Our technicians are at your disposal for any question relating to this rapidly evolving field.



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