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To ensure the safety of goods and people in a company, operators often feel the need to have a high-level monitoring, control and surveillance system called GTC (Centralized Technical Management). Technological advances have enabled the Jeanfavre company to offer quality building supervision services. To do this, we use high-performance tools such as the PCVue from Arc Informatique and InTouch from Wonderware, now reprized by the Schneider Electric company. We are naturally certified for the distribution and installation of these solutions. Whether you are an operator in charge of a complex building, managers of several municipal buildings or responsible for a motorway infrastructure project, the Jeanfavre company located in Lausanne has the necessary skills to support you in the implementation of your supervision.


Jeanfavre and the supervisory profession

Supervision is a technological solution for surveillance, monitoring, but also for the remote control of automated processes (alarm, access routes, fire detection, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, etc.), and this by computer control. It makes it possible to monitor one or more buildings thanks to a centralized system, thus offering optimal security of goods and people. The interfaces between man and machine called HMI can be a simple smartphone, a touch screen or a dedicated PC or server station.

Jeanfavre has been working in this sector for years, and ensures the installation and maintenance of supervision systems using high-performance tools and the proven skills of his team. We advocate the training and skills development of our employees so that our services meet the requirements of our clients.

In recent years, we have focused our activities on the implementation of instrumentation and control tools for different types of customers. Thus, we carry out supervision or GTC in administrative, school and industrial buildings. Concretely, we take care of the installation of tools to facilitate the management of security (access control, fire detection, anti-intrusion), comfort conditions and energy monitoring of buildings.


Our supervision tools

We use several supervision tools or "supervisors" to perform this task with our clients. We adapt them according to the complexity of the system and your budget. Jeanfavre's services are very flexible and develop personalized supervision solutions.

In this activity, we are committed to offering you the best. Our certifications on InTouch, PCVue and Visi + tools are proof of our seriousness.

Wonderware InTouch. With more than 1,000,000 licenses in use worldwide, this software is recognized for its ease of use, its scalability and its reliability. Most developers and operators adapt easily to it. Its multiple functions and performance allow us to guarantee excellent supervision of your automated electrical systems. InTouch enables user-friendly graphical representations. Your monitored installations will be better represented on your computer screen thanks to the software's independent resolution graphics and smart symbols. Trained on the ArchestrA System Platform, our teams implement Wonderware solutions mainly in the field of pharmaceutical and industrial buildings.

PCVue d'Arc Informatique. PCVue also allows you to efficiently supervise your installations. For the control of processes in the field of building, industry and infrastructure, this is the tool that we use above all for its openness to third-party systems and its WebVue remote control solutions. Arc Informatique solutions allow reliable and redundant monitoring of your data, offering operators a simplified analysis of the data collected automatically.

To know the details of the technical advantages for our monitoring solutions, please contact us directly. We will be happy to explain in simpler terms the functional possibilities of these solutions.



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